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Don’t Discard Your Lemon Peels!

Lemons are by far one of my favorite kitchen/home essentials. I seemingly use lemons, in their entirety, for just about everything nowadays. I add lemon juice to my morning water, and in A LOT (like, a LOOOOT) of my recipes.

But I don’t like to toss away the versatile peels when they can be used for a variety of good. So, of course lemon peels are used for their “zest” in recipes, but here is a list of OTHER genius uses:

  • Refrigerator (a lemon peel or two will absorb smells and freshen it up)
  • Trash Can (same benefits as fridge)
  • Clean Sink (mineral deposits)
  • Sanitize Cutting Board
  • Dishwasher (deodorize)
  • Garbage Disposal (deodorize) –MY FAV!
  • Stainless Steel (sea salt, then lemon peel to scrub away dirt, grime, stains – rinse, polish!)

Not only are lemons invigorating in scent and taste, but they hold antibacterial properties – perfect for killing germs. The high concentration of citric acid is great for general disinfecting and cleaning – killing bacteria, mold, and removing mineral deposits and soap scum.

Happy cleaning!

x. Heather

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