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The Nipple Cream Ingredient That Will Transform Your Lips

If you’re a mother, then odds are that you have had some type of experience with nipple cream. And for those of you who haven’t, well, nipple cream, or balm, is exactly what is sounds like – a goey, sticky, oh-so-soothing substance used as a protectant and/or relief of sore nipples for breastfeeding mothers.

One of the main ingredients in most nipple creams is Lanolin.

When I first stumbled upon Lanolin (100% pure) a few years ago, I started using it on my lips in place of “chapstick”. It didn’t take long for me to wonder how/why EVERYOOOONEEE didn’t already know about this absolutely UH-MAZING, all-natural substance that can seriously heal and rejuvenate the harshest of chapped lips!

Since that time, two years ago, I have not found ANYTHING else that can come even close to the effectiveness that pure lanolin has. I use it every. single. day. and cannot live without it. I’m not exaggerating!


Lanolin is a natural product of the wool industry. More specifically, it is a substance that is extracted from the fleece of sheep (removed from unharmed sheep that are “shorn”), so it’s also vegetarian-friendly and ultra unique. The oils within lanolin are extremely similar to the oils that us humans secrete from our skin, which is perhaps the biggest reason as to why it is so effective.

Seriously, it is one of nature’s most wondrous skincare aids. It is super emollient because of its’ ability to imitate many of the functions that human skin lipids have. I once read that it can hold something like over 200% of its own weight of water, acting basically like a moisture reservoir for the skin. Further, it has been utilized as a wound-care product because of its hygienic properties also.

An article on Pub-Med mentioned that the use of lanolin has a history longer than almost any other skincare ingredient. Its’ use dates back to around 700 BC when the ancient Greeks used it as a skin protectant.


So I have two go-to choices for the lanolin that I use in my everyday life:

For nighttime//  I have a big tub of 100% pure, Now Brand. I foresee this thing lasting me a very long time seeing as you only need to use a very minuscule amount for each application. (I’m not even halfway through the container and I’ve had it for TWO YEARS!)

For daytime//  I also apply a thin layer to my lips prior to beginning my make-up routine/application.  It basically primes my lips before lipstick, stains, or glosses (I gently wipe off any that hasn’t absorbed before applying cosmetics).

For traveling and running errands//  I keep a smaller tube of a 100% lanolin balm from the brand Dr. Lipp , because of its SUPER convenient packaging (.5 oz. in a squeezable tube – HALLELUJAH!).

Cheers to WOOLY (really) hydrated lips!! tehehe ;)

x. Heather

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