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Yoga, misunderstood

In some ways, yoga has become what much of today’s food choices have become – fast and processed. Americanized yoga is mostly seen as all about postures and has been glamorized as being primarily for weight loss and “looking good”.

To the contrary, yoga is not just a 30-minute sweat it out class you pay for and giggle at with your gal pals; it’s actually intended to be a lifestyle. Yoga is true self-knowledge. It is a journey that enables a person to deepen their understanding of who they really are, themselves in entirety.

Don’t be mistaken, exercising (in any shape or form) is obviously beneficial for overall wellness, but let’s just clear up a few things that are often misunderstood about Yoga…

According to Micozzi (2013, p.486),

“Beyond the layer of prana is the layer of the mind. The mind should not be construed to be the brain. The brain is part of the physical body, whereas the mind is part of the astral or ethereal body. In an unregulated state, the mind produces spurious thoughts, both positive and negative. The input from the five senses also influences the quality and wandering nature of the mind. The mind does not involve reflexive reaction, such as moving one’s hand away from a hot object. Such reflexive actions are part of the brain and nervous system, which exist in the physical body. The mind’s activity moves in an unregulated manner when the individual associates himself or herself with the outer physical body and the feelings of comfort, joy, misery, and sorrow that accompany this association.”

So if you truly seek a deeper understanding of life and your-self, instead of focusing on mastering the “hottest yoga pose” – learn how to deal with your mind and your emotions, along with your body. This will allow you to develop a very powerful connection with your subconscious.

And for an extremely relaxing and even more spiritual yogic experience, try  “Yoga Nidra”. It is a meditative practice that can lead to inner freedom.


x. Heather

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