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Becoming In-Tune With Your Body

One main concept that I have discovered along this Balanced Life Aloha journey, is that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves. This is actually an ancient philosophy that aligns with Hippocrates, one of the most famous ‘naturopaths’ maybe of all time.  He was a Greek physician and herbalist (around 400 B.C.), who believed that the natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

So, many probably think, “How can I heal myself if I don’t have much medical knowledge or training?” Well, to begin, the best place to start is learning how to work “in” before working “out”.

Today, most people focus on the external: how we look, what we weigh, who we’re dating, what we ‘have’, where we’re going, and daily “to-do” lists. When is the last time you sat down without looking at your phone, without the TV on (or any other distractions), and just focused on how you are FEELING?

I’m not talking about emotions though; I’m talking about physically. How is your body functioning? How are you physically feeling on a day-to-day basis? Do you rely on insane amounts of caffeine, coffee, and energy drinks just to perform your daily responsibilities?

The truth is that our bodies are much smarter than our minds. After enough time living in perpetual hustle and bustle, our bodies start to cry out for attention . . .using illness, stress, fatigue, and many other ailments that are indications that we need to sloooooowww dooooowwwwn.

Not to say you don’t need to work hard or reach for your goals; just become mindful to take time to really get to know your body, become in-tune with it.

Here are a few strategies that I personally find quite effective at this task:

  • Be Aware of Your Energy:
    • All beings contain energy. Take a hard look at the aura that surrounds you. Do people like to be around you, how are others’ moods affected by how you act? Also, negative energies affect others, so surround yourself with people who also exhibit positiveness. (This makes a BIG difference). Even go as far as cleaning out your friend list on Facebook, or who you follow on Instagram.
  • Practice Yoga:
    • Even if you are too shy to join a class, find a quiet space at home, turn on a Yoga video on YouTube! Give it a try, focus on your breathing and just “be”.
  • Practice Meditation:
    • This is not an easy task, regardless of how it looks. To meditate, is to truly silence the mind and be still. Again, give YouTube tutorials a try! Meditation helps to rid your energy field of toxins.
  • Research “Mind-body” Medicine:
    • This consists of using the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health.
  • Keep a Journal:
    • If it’s emotional connectedness that you are seeking, then journal about that, if it’s in regards to your health, try keeping a food journal. Do post-meal body scans, what you eat and what symptoms or feelings you physically feel afterwards.

The wisdom of our bodies is truly profound, but so commonly silenced.

Since I made the commitment to get to know my body, I have come a long way. I can sense a cold or illness coming before real symptoms show up (which I then focus on stopping in its’ tracks). I can also physically sense AND feel when (like exactly) my body ovulates. And I can usually always pin-point what food or ingredients cause me trouble (like corn causes me major headaches/inflammation/joint pain).  It’s a new, loving relationship with myself that is  personal and intimate… I wish you all can find this love and understanding too.

As Always,

x. Heather

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