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Worldly-Boho Interior Design (FEATURE)

As a deeply sensual and spiritually in-tune person, I have a profound connection with my surrounding spaces. I draw inspiration and energy from my environment, so my home needs to always be appealing to all senses.

That being said, when I came across 4 CORNERS International Design Concepts (@sistersof4corners on Instagram), my soul lit up!   These sister owners/designers have a unique and artistic way of adding worldly depth and dimension to any vignette or space. JACKPOT!


Elaina Myers and Susanna Samaniego are San Diego and Bali’s coveted residential and commercial interior design team. These  San Diego natives split their time between North County, San Diego and Bali, Indonesia.  They boast a portfolio of award winning designs from beach bungalows in the Far East, to million dollar estates on the West Coast.  With access to imports from the unique markets of Bali, the sister’s effortlessly illustrate worldly travel to local living—a signature look seen frequently on Fox 5 Design Segments, style blogs, and numerous interior design publications.


This beautiful sister-team uses worldly treasures spun into bohemian inspired, colorful, yet calming designs. The way they bring alternative lifestyles into a space can awaken just about any soul.


Feel free to gawk at their work on any of the following platforms:


Pinterest: 4CORNERS: International Interior Design Firm

Instagram: @sistersof4corners

& here are a few of my personal favorites of their work. . .

Untitled-5 copy

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-4 copy


x. Heather

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