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Pregnancy Announcing

Parenthood is an endless road filled with decisions. One of the first decisions every parent makes is when to announce their pregnancy news.

You hear about “The Wait” or “The Safe Zone” as the determining factor to this type of timeline. But during such a miraculous and joyous time, that can seemingly allow a cloud to hover above and mock new (and seasoned) parents’ exhilaration.  The societal norm is for expectant mothers and fathers to wait to spill the beans until the pregnancy has reached a deemed ‘safe period’.

For those who may not know what I’m talking about, there are certain times during pregnancy in which miscarriage rates are higher.  Therefore, many expecting parents wait until the first trimester is over to announce their news.

(*Note: I am in no way advocating for a “right” or “wrong” way about this.  Every story, every pregnancy, and every journey is unique and what is right for one, may not be right for another.  I am simply relishing in my newfound freedom and happiness, and I hope you can appreciate that!)

BALANCED LIFE ALOHA . COMSo if you haven’t already guessed it, YES, my husband and I are expecting our second love-child!  *jumps for joy x a million*  & to be quite frank, a few minutes after we found out, we also told just about every family member as well!  OUR truth is, that this is such an incredible moment and feeling, that to NOT share the joy with those we love, would be robbing us of even further bliss that is only felt once in a liftetime (or twice, or three times…  depending on how many children you have).

However, this second time around the pregnancy block, our lives are quite different. Now ‘Balanced Life Aloha’ is in our lives, this wonderful and empowering platform that was created to share & connect with like-minds.  A place where I am openly ‘me’, a place where I share my life with you guys!

With that being said, I was brought to a realization that I needed to decide when to announce this news publicly as well.  This is important because it affects all aspects of my life – which of course includes this blog!  My choice is centered in Faith. I choose to let you wonderful souls relish with me in my new exhilaration!  And I thank you for that, I thank you for not casting judgment upon my timeline, and I thank you for letting me be true!  I knew I couldn’t go on with my posts (whether it be published articles or on social media), without letting my truth be known – because if not, Balanced Life Aloha would be a masked version – and that was never part of this mission.

So here is my announcement, (imagine me screaming it from the rooftops):



Now that we got that out…. I must address those who may not agree with this choice of mine. What I have to say to you is, this choice is faith-centered, and even more important is my ability to understand myself. See, The reason why I chose to announce our pregnancy even knowing that I am high-risk, & that statistically about 1 in 5 pregnancies result in miscarriage… Is because even if we were that 1, I would still be here sharing my story with all of you, because what I’ve learned about going through trials in life, is that showing humility & asking for support is the way for me to properly grieve, work through pain, and sort it all out. So, thank you all for allowing me to do that.

What I promise you still, and always, is openness & realness, within a healthy balance.

Balanced Life Aloha - Editor's Blog - Pregnancy Announcement

x. Heather

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