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My Travel/Carry-On Essentials

August 2015/

I’m still easing in to a new season of life over here, but for some reason, a month-long hiatus seemed to be in perfect-timing (I say that with just a tad bit of sarcasm).  Regardless, I still think that traveling has always aided me in further strengthening new roots for any season of life.  There’s something about walking through the airport, you know, the part past security, that makes you feel like a privileged person to be in the sacred zone of the place where thousands of strangers are departing and arriving from all over this beautiful world (am I the only weirdo who feels this way?… No? Okay, good!)

So with this emblematic trip of mine underway today, I wanted to share a bit about my travels, routine, and carry-on essentials.  But first of all, for all of you traveling without toddlers – I slightly envy your airplane time without poopy diapers.  Though, our little gem Bella (a month shy of 2-years-old) loves to travel, and by the time she is my age she just may have seen most corners of this Earth!

Carry-on and Travel Essentials -

Although every trip varies, here are some of the things that you can find in my current travel bag:

  • Epic Bar:  For protein needs and my AIP-lifestyle friendly snack while traveling.
  • Fruit Squeezies:  These are mostly for my daughter, but sometimes the grain-free ones double as a boost of energy for me.
  • Oil Blotting Sheets:  Now I’m normally on the dry side, but because of all the products I use to try and protect my skin from the stale airplane air and traveling all together, my face can sometimes end up feeling oily, and that’s just not pretty.
  • Badger Night-Night Cream:  This is a soothing cream mostly used on my daughter, but I have used it before as well, sometimes when stuck next to another passenger who may not have the same hygienic qualities as I….
  • Journal:  Although as a mom it’s not the easiest thing to do while traveling, I do always bring a journal to organize, reflect, and release when I can.
  • Homemade Face-spritz with Essential Oils (royal blue bottle):  To protect my skin while traveling in the super stale airplane air and just as a refresh as well, this seemingly always rejuvenates me when needed.
  • Egyptian Magic:  Now I have a few different face and body creams that I switch between, but right now this is my go-to, I use it pretty much all over – face, neck, hands, arms, elbows, lips, etc.  Did you know that Kate Hudson has been known to use this on flights too?!
  • Nasal Spray:  I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get on a plane is SHUT/CLOSE the “Air” valves overhead my seat.  The thought of every other passenger’s coughs, sneezes, and germs cycling through that little vent and straight on me or my family’s face *I cringe*, however, my sinuses ALWAYS end up dry from the plane anyways so I always need a nasal spray (all-natural ingredients preferably).
  • Hand-sanitizer: Self-explanatory for moms, and all other human-beings, right?…
  • Mints:  Is this another no-brainer?  I like to have good breath, as well as sometimes the much needed wake-me-up!  I tend to bring mints that have no added sugars, are gluten-free and preservative-free – you know, the good stuff ;)
  • Lotion mini:  Mandatory, especially for my dry-sisters out there :D
  • Kaia Naturals Cleansing Cloths:  ..because Heaven forbid you get stuck in an airport or on an extended wait with a full face of makeup and the day’s sweat. . . (& for me, chasing a toddler around), I always like to have something to cleanse my face JUST IN CASE!  These are my go-to wipes right now, stay-tuned for a full review article coming soon.
  • Weekender Bag:  This will vary from trip to trip, sometimes I will use my trusty LV Neverfull, and other times I will use an artisan bag.  Regardless, I also use an oversized tote or weekender to carry all of my stuff!

Safe Travels!

x. Heather


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