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Why I’m Choosing to Cook with Cast Iron

Friends, say hello to my new baby ^.

We’ve been wanting to make the switch from today’s chemical-ridden, go-to, pre-coated “non-stick” pans, to the seemingly old-fashioned choice in the kitchen, CAST IRON.

I don’t know why, but it’s like I was procrastinating and “waiting for the right moment” to make the switch. Maybe it was because I wanted that moment of meeting my very own/first EVER cast iron skillet, to be perfect (that’s a foodie’s life problem for ya right there). Or perhaps I was just intimidated by the differences in cooking with, caring for, and routine I’d have to learn and adapt to.

Well, whatever it was, I’m over it. Hubby & I picked up this beauty yesterday, and I’m in love.

Now if you’re a cast iron newbie, like I am, here are a few reasons why you may want to look in to this “way-of-life”:

  1. Cast Iron is a chemical-free alternative to non-stick pans. The coating that doesn’t allow food to stick to these nonstick pans, contains “perfluorocarbons”. The breakdown of these man-made chemical compounds have reportedly been linked to cancer, liver damage, developmental problems, infertility, & even early menopause (probably other endocrine issues too?!?). This is according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.  These “PFCs” are released, inhaled, & ingested from nonstick pans from fumes or scratches.
  2. Cook with less oil because a well-seasoned cast iron is naturally non-stick.
  3. Can infuse food with iron. Most of today’s people are very iron-deficient compared to time’s past. (Hmmm?! Perhaps there is a link there?!)
  4. Virtually indestructible. I’ve heard that there is a way to naturally restore even the grimiest of rusted skillets.
  5. Go from stove-top searing to oven-baking with no issues.
  6. Saves money. In the long run — when you think about how many scratched up non-stick pans you’ve had to replace in your lifetime.

Many of us are doing a great job at being more productive at choosing organic and clean-er foods to put in our and our children’s bodies. But, we don’t often think about how we can contradict the health properties of these organic foods when we cook them in pot and pans that are coated with harmful chemicals.

Now I know this lifestyle change of ours won’t happen in just a day, but the goal is for us to sooner or later be exclusively cooking with cast iron. I also have a vision of passing on my most prized skillets to my children one day.

So, it’s time for me to get cooking! First up, bacon!!

x. Heather

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