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A Natural Aid for SMOOTHER + PLUMPER lips

So if I had to guess, you’re probably thinking that I’m about to tell you to go scrub some sugar on your lips… but I’m not.

In case you’ve missed my latest post in regards to the incredible brand that is genuinely catapulting my overall wellness to an entirely other world, you can read my full review on my favorite Vital Proteins products – here.

I’m bringing that review up, because it includes the product in which I am about to blow your mind with! (tehehe)

Pasture-raised, grass-fed, bovine hide gelatin powder.

It’s a collagen protein that is often used to promote digestive health, and can be added in both hot and cold liquids. The Vital Proteins‘ gelatin is gluten free, Non-GMO, sugar free, paleo friendly and Whole30® Approved.

Also, like I noted in my full product review, it’s basically odor-free and tasteless.. yet a POWERHOUSE healer. That little detail though, is what makes it such a versatile component in my life – from dietary uses to beauty necessity.

So with the weather getting a bit colder now, dry skin and dry lips are a real pain to combat.  But I have found that regular (but gentle) exfoliation, combined with deep hydration and moisturizing, I can still keep my skin soft and supple.

With gelatin being an ultra-fine granulated powder, along with it being a thickening agent, it makes for the PERFECT lip scrub!!

*When used alone* this is a great option for those of you in the autoimmune community whom may deal with diabetes, candida, or other health issues, those that may deter you from the most common “natural lip scrubs” which contain sugar.

For me, I exfoliate so frequently, that I usually don’t need a super heavy-duty granule to buff away copious dead skin. But if you do, then gelatin is STILL a great option for you! That’s because, when mixed with water, it works as a binding agent. So take something like crushed candy canes or peppermint candies, and you have a super easily applied (+ yummy) lip scrub!

Of course this combination would include sugar from the crushed candies, but you can be creative with your own combinations.

All You Need:

  • 1/2 Scoop Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin – find here.

  • 2 Crushed Candy Canes (or About 6 Round Peppermint Candies)
  • 2 tbsp. Water


  1. Crush candy canes using a food processor, or by pressing them with the back of a spoon in a plastic bag. The finer the better!

  2. In a small bowl, pour 2 tbsp. of water (cold temperature works best) on top of the candy canes.

  3. Add 1/2 scoop of Beef Gelatin and mix together.

  4. Apply and gently rub the mixture on to your lips using your finger (or a toothbrush for extra exfoliation).

  5. Rinse with water to remove.

  6. Moisturize!! (ALWAYS do this after exfoliation to protect your lips/skin, as well as to aid in the healing + rejuvenation process).

Happy Smooching!

x. Heather

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