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Groundbreaking Diaper Rash Cream That Utilizes Avocado

Once you become a parent, you start to obsess over matters that you never thought you would, not in a million years. Like worrying about the constant state of another human being’s BOTTOM!

For me, since the beginning of my motherhood journey, I always ranted and raved (in a super positive way) about this “magical cream” that I had SWORN BY to protect my daughter from any kind of diaper rash. It worked, it was awesome — you can read about all that in my Hospital Bag Must-Haves (as a second time mom) article. HOWEVER, I’m not writing this article about that once beloved cream.

Because, well, it has been replaced.

When they tell you that “each baby is different”… boy, do they mean it. I mean yes, every baby demands tender love and care (+ milk), but there are sooooo many variables to all of the other components and particular wants/needs of each baby.

But when my son was born this past year, my husband and I instinctively began using that same cream that we had used for EVERY. SINGLE. diaper change of the 2.5 years prior to our daughter being potty-trained. But to our utter SHOCK, that cream was NOT working for our newborn son.

See, when a baby is first born, their first few stools are this black, tar-like substance called meconium.  And if you don’t create a barrier between the skin of their bottom and this stool, you can end up with a diaper changing event full of tears (and not just your baby’s tears, I’m talking about YOURS)!  Reason being, is because that tar-like substance can be SOOOO difficult to get off, that you almost have to SCRAPE it, leading to you feeling like just the most horrible caregiver.  …Okay, I may be a bit dramatic, but for the record, THIS DID HAPPEN TO ME AS A FIRST-TIME MOM and it was traumatizing.

To get back on point here – basically put, the skin on my son’s bottom was becoming raw, almost like it was OVERLY moisturized. I was in disbelief, how could this beloved cream fail us now?!

Well, it did.

Or actually, maybe because my son was (and still is) exclusively breastfed, his skin is just so much more plump than my daughter’s was (since her and I’s breastfeeding journey had ended prematurely & we then relied on formula for the remainder of her infancy – which is a story for another article).  But maybe THAT’S WHY this cream was just too much for his skin… hahahahaa, okay I’m tooting my own horn here, but seriously, thats how my mom logic works and my subconscious way of rooting for myself ;) .

Anyways, I inevitably began to research what other options I had to help him.

But before I unveil my findings and the new superhero of a cream to you, let me go over something that I strongly believe:

Diaper Rash Cream is NOT ONLY just for use when your baby is already suffering from a rash!

Obviously those delicate tushies need some bare-air time to breathe, but in all, creating a skin barrier by using a high quality product between diaper changes, is a steadfast way to PREVENT diaper rash in the first place!!

So since switching my son over to a zinc-oxide based cream, he has never had any other tushy-skin issues, nor developed a rash, not once.

And that is why I have partnered with the “skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950” – MUSTELA , as a part of the Preen.Me VIP program.

First of all, I hold the Mustela company in high regards. Not only have they been established and growing for over 65 years, but they seemingly seek betterment of each new generation.  Accordingly, their “Mustela Foundation” supports research, promotes education as well as prevention for infant health care, and finances the implementation of actions in the field of “well-treatment” of all children.

To find out that they had a newly-formulated ZINC-OXIDE diaper rash cream… I had to know more!! Coincidence? I think not.

By utilizing Biomimetics, they  created a groundbreaking Vitamin Barrier Cream for our babies.

Their “1-2-3” cream is formulated with a patented plant-based ingredient  which reinforces the skin’s barrier that protects and hydrates baby’s delicately soft bottom. Which then in return, can also prevent diaper rash before it ever starts.  HAAAAL-EEEE-LUU-JAH!!!

Though, being the science-loving geek that I am, I want to explain a bit more about the components of this (fragrance-free) wonder cream:

  • Oxeoline of Acacia (relieves symptoms)
  • Sunflower Oil Distillate (smooths irritated skin)
  • Zinc Oxide (protective antienzyme properties)

But the most exciting active ingredient in this product, is the AVOCADO PERSEOSE®.

(*Note: anyone who knows me or my husband, will attest to our avocado-obsessed lifestyle which entails weekly avocado purchases of at least 10, and daily intake of this superfood.. like seriously, every single day. We eat it with everything. So, in reading that this naturally biomimetically-derived compound from avocado,  is an active ingredient in the diaper cream SAY NO MORE – SOLD.)

You can read all about this new generation ingredient – here . But, I’ll also give you a synopsis of it:

  • Mustela researchers identified avocado molecules that are extremely rare in nature – molecules whose role is to aid the fruit as it grows and matures.
  • The molecules aid in the development of the skin’s barrier function, stepping up production of a number of its key elements (proteins and lipids).
  • It also further preserves its wealth of cells, functioning as a shield and protecting the cutaneous cells from the outside environment.

This cream perfectly meets the requirements of babies’ skin starting when they are born and its efficacy has been scientifically proven.  But um.. would it also be socially expectable for me to walk around with this zinc-oxide paste all over my body?… okay, thanks. 

But no really, it has been clinically tested in extreme conditions, and found to be safe for every day use. Since it is also formulated using 98% ingredients of natural origin (also fragrance-free) and does not contain preservatives, it guarantees a maximum tolerance from the very start.

You can find it linked – here, or directly from the Mustela website – here.

Oh, and by the way – Mustela has a bunch of other products using the avocado perseose, like the Hydra Bebe Body Lotion that our Bubba also enjoys:

So try it out, let me know what you think!! #balancedlifealoha


x. Heather

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