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Acai Bowl Recipe for Beginners


It’s a fruit from a species of palm tree mostly native to Brazil. Resembling a blueberry, yet you won’t find them in berry form at your local grocer. Rather, if you’ll normally find the frozen purée packets at your favorite health food store.

Now acai bowls, they’re basically a really thick smoothie in a bowl, topped with things like granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter, and the options are just endless.

It has been nearly a decade since I first fell in love with these parfait-like, ice cream-tasting, smoothie bowls of pure goodness. There’s no one way to describe them, but I have been an avid consumptionist since I first moved to Hawaii 10+ years ago!!

My all-time favorite recipe will always be the (original) Extravaganza Bowl from Lanikai Juice.  However, since I obviously don’t have access to the exact specifications they use, along with the fact that I’m not always locally able to pop in and pick one up at one of their O’ahu locations, I’ve spent quite some hours playing around with different recipes to make at home.

I’ve come down with a basic beginner’s recipe that I believe is a good foundation to any acai smoothie bowl.  So if you’re just now learning of these superfruit frozen pulp creations and want to start enjoying at home, you can begin over at my YouTube Channel:



And once you get familiar with consistency, you can add in other components and top with an assortment of variations.


You’ll be a pro in no-time!



x. Heather




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