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Spirulina Detox Bath

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is cultivated worldwide and used as a dietary supplement.

Since I purchased my Hawaiian spirulina powder though, I have struggled to create a recipe with it.  For some reason, the strong old spinach-like taste is just not very versatile (this tablet form is much more practical).

Regardless, it’s packed full of minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids. And even more impressive, is the bioavailability of the iron and calcium it contains; as well as the fatty acid gamma linoleum acid – which is a powerhouse inflammatory fighter!

But time after time, I couldn’t stomach the smoothies I was creating with this green substance – but I had so much of it!!  So what did I do??

Put it in my bath tub of course!

& My skin has never felt so soft!!


It just made sense to me, and I finally felt like I was putting it to good use, by way of DETOX BATHS!

Bathing in powdered spirulina can help to not only revitalize tired skin, but also nourish and soften it.

From the research that I have read thus far, it’s also a great option for detoxing the body.  Furthermore, because of its’ anti-inflammatory properties, it is said to help with sore muscles too!

And seeing as not many “detoxes” are safe for nursing mothers, being able to utilize such a gentle aid in purifying my body, it’s all-around a great day!


Happy Soaking,

x. Heather





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