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For the Love of ALOHA – 2017 Blog Update!

When you live on an island for over a decade, there may come a time where a change-of-pace elsewhere can seem like a welcoming thought.  That is at least what initially occurred to my husband and I when we most recently were departing the aloha state.

…but let me tell you, not even 24 hours after touching down in that “elsewhere” place, and our heartstrings already felt the tug.

The tug of being homesick.

See, to us, home has never been the places in which we were raised as children. Rather, home was where we morphed out of teenage life and molded in to adults.  It is where we both individually ventured to on our own and then made lives for ourselves.  Also, it is where we eventually met each other, fell in love, and gave birth to our first child.

Home, is Hawaii.

For a while though, we fought that tugging feeling, as we just didn’t see permanently moving back to the islands being aligned in our stars.  Career-related events led us to leaving, and then child-planning kept our minds looking elsewhere.

We then tried convincing ourselves that the rumored poor state of public education in Hawaii was a good reason to continue looking elsewhere while planning our “forever home” – the home where we can lay down roots for our family.

Further, in comparing the housing market and family home prices on island, with elsewhere, this also helped to (temporarily) ward off that tugging even more.

We contemplated becoming residents of Washington state, building a beachfront home on the coast of Florida, even toyed with the idea of living in the woods of Georgia.  See, we did our research.  And for a while we thought that we had it all figured out, too!

But then one morning we received a phone call that erased all of what we had thought were set family plans. The phone call was an offer for a position back in Hawaii. And lets just say, it didn’t take us even 10 seconds to shout – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We looked at each other and said, “Let’s go home”.

See, the truth is… once the aloha spirit resides in you, it never truly leaves.

Though in previously searching for a mainland plot to call home, we thought that we were doing what’s “best” for our kids.  But reality was, we were lying to ourselves. I mean, c’mon, we even had a mutual agreement to never play the Hawaii Five-0 show on our television, doesn’t that say something about inner turmoil?! A show that portrays the island as a crime-riddled place, yet we couldn’t bare to watch because the 10 second clips spanning Diamond Head, Kahala, Waikiki Beach, Manoa Valley, Northshore… all sent jolts of longing pain straight through our hearts.  Those of you who have ever left Honolulu International Airport with tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat, I’m sure that you fully understand what I’m saying here.  

But in finally being honest with ourselves, we thought – there really is no place like our home.  And that’s why we are so unbelievably happy to now announce that we are permanently moving back to the island this summer. It’s even more blissful knowing that the place where we will be giving our children a childhood and beyond, is as magical as goldenhour’s sky morphing between 10 different colors within just one sunset.

With this all being said now, there is obviously a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on and many moving parts that come along with permanently relocating a family (especially with a baby and a toddler).

So, stick with me, there’s some grind ahead, but in due time, this platform that we have built here at BALANCED LIFE ALOHA, will come full circle and further blossom in to something  even more remarkable to share with you… Here’s to the most amazing summer to come:



Mahalo &  Much Aloha,

x. Heather


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