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The Joy and Sadness of Celebrating my Last Baby’s First Birthday

This day had to eventually come.

My husband and I’s family plans did indeed detail just two children. But I have undoubtedly found that as a mother, there is something about the time where infancy is morphing in to toddlerhood – that can stir up a longing for those sweet, milky-breathed newborn snuggles.

Though we’re not quite opening that toddlerhood door yet (and bubs still does have that milky breath – lol), we ARE on the heels of some of our last “firsts” as parents.

Like celebrating our last first birthday…

and soon here also, we will witness our last first steps.

Our last baby just barreling down the childhood track, even faster than the first one did! I wish someone would have warned me that everything happens SO MUCH faster with the second baby.  Not just faster, but a hundred times more intense, too! Simply put, this past year has been a beautiful, but powerfully moving whirlwind.

Now before I come off as an overly-emotional mama bear, sitting here typing out what may seem like frustrations or “complaints”, let’s get things straight – I am BEYYYYYOOOOND thankful for these, though bittersweet, “last first moments”.  I remind myself daily, to be present, and am totally aware of just how fortunate and blessed we are to have such happy and healthy children.

But just as fast as this past year has elapsed, I know that time will never slow down… especially as a parent. So, in commemorating the magical year where I not only grew as a mommy of TWO, but also uncovered/learned/realized some of the most formidable details about myself, I am sharing this personal letter:


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