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Just Be Happy.

Where focus goes, energy flows. 

It doesn’t always require a loss in order to realize how short our human-ly life is. 

When we make a decision to put anxiety aside (or an effort to), and we indulge in each fleeting moment of time… we are living by way of ACTUALLY ENJOYING LIFE. I mean, is there really enjoyment from living alongside anxiety?! 


But others suffer (unintentionally) even when they aren’t the ones who have the anxiety inside of them. You know why?! Because when you’re anxious, you may put a smile on for an occasion, but you’re not 100% there. It’s easier said than done… but, how about:

Just. Be. happy. 

Put aside all of the reasons to NOT be happy. We all have them, maybe some more than others. 

But a sure thing is, not even the ultra calm/smooth seasons in life — can guarantee us a tomorrow.

So why not, JUST BE HAPPY?

(Well, happiness is a choice. And most people have a hard time making choices.) 

I’m sure that everyone has differing life moments that wake one up to think, “Holy Sh*t, time flies!” For me, it’s just in having children.

You blink and your firstborn is already a 4 year old. You reflect on their years, but can really only be sure of the memories that YOU have from those said years. Now for me, I have had A LOT of crap. Hard stuff. Go on since becoming a mother. But when I look at my oldest, and I see the joy that is a 4-year-old who makes everything in to a song, and that randomly tells me, “mommy, my family loves me!!” – I feel assured that I at least tried my best to push the anxieties aside enough to be “there” (present-minded!) for my babies to feel happiness (they learn this decision from us)!!

Though I may always have a guilty feeling just for the simple fact that I DO struggle with anxiety,  it’s times like this…. HARDSHIP (weirdly enough), that makes me realize that… THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT, BUT YOU WILL NEVER GET MOMENTS IN TIME BACK. YOUR CHILDREN ONLY HAVE ONE CHILDHOOD. 

& Each moment, happens just once… so CHOOSE HAPPY ONES!


x. Heather


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