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A Facial Mask Perfect for the Beach: SUMMER FRIDAYS Jet Lag Mask REVIEW

At the top of my skincare products obsession list (in the top 3) there’s the category of facial masks.

I’ve got a keen sense for those hot new beauty products, and out of what’s trending – what works and what’s really, just hype. Now if you’re (also) dialed-in to the happenings of the current beauty industry, then you’ve most likely already heard of  Summer Friday’s debut product: the Jet Lag Mask. Though just launched this March (2018), it has already been endorsed by well-known celebrities, featured in high-ranking publications and magazines, and absolutely RAVED about in the blogger and influencer community. And for good reason.

Deemed perfect for the “jet-lagged” traveler, yet its’ wonders stretch far beyond travel help essential (psst.. it’s also perfectly sized for carry-on bags).  Personally, it has found a permanent home not only in my “favorites” drawer, but also in my beach bag!

The 4-1-1 on this hydrating multi-tasking mask…


^Hence, why I’ve obliged when Bella has asked if she can put some on too!

How I LOVE to use this mask at the beach is after applying a facial sunscreen. I slather on a thin layer of the jet lag mask after my sunscreen has set in/dried. I’m not sure what inspired me to first do this, but I’ve been thanking my lucky skincare stars ever since!

Living in Hawaii (a.k.a. spending so much time at the beach), and given the nature of this lifestyle, it’s easy to have skin feeling sucked dry by the mixture of sun exposure, salt water, and sand. And I absolutely hate that tight, irritated and dry feeling after long beach days.


Ever since I have been applying the Jet Lag Mask at the beach, I haven’t been experiencing that afterwards dried  out feeling! I think of the application like a barrier between the salt water and my skin, as well as an enhancer to my sunscreen protection.1

VITAMIN B3/ Effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging including visibly improving the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness, while also strengthening the surface of weakened skin.

VITAMIN C/ Powerful antioxidant that brightens skin tone and behaves like a moisture-magnet, boosting the hydration barrier.

GREEN TEA/ Soothes frazzled complexions with its skin-toning powers, reducing puffiness and inflammation while protecting cells from free radicals.

CHESTNUT EXTRACT/ Activates the natural exfoliation process, polishing away dullness so skin looks radiant, healthy and well-rested.

Though I’ve shared my favorite and unique application of this product, its’ uses span far and wide. Have you tried it out yet? I would love to hear some of your favorite tricks with this mask!


Talk Soon,

x. Heather



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  1. Angela C says

    I love this too. My skin naturally runs on the dry side and I put it on after I use my cleaner, toner, and Retinol complex and just sleep wearing it. 💕

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