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Balance your Gut, Change your Life! BIOHM Probiotics Review

If you’re new here, Hi. Also, let me start by saying that I am not a licensed medical practitioner. My thoughts and information shared are always based off of either personal experience, the research that I do, and/or scholarly readings.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about all things GUT!

So your intestinal tract (gut) is made up of a community of microorganisms, both good and bad. They are a natural part of the ecosystem known as the human microbiome. Ideally, the residents of the microbiome keep each other in check, and in return, the gut is “in balance.”

However, a gut that is imbalanced can not only lead to digestive issues, but also spark chronic health ailments, and other woes. This balance can easily be disturbed by a variety of factors, most in which we encounter on a daily basis. This includes things like poor diet, high stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, pesticides and environmental pollutants, over the counter medicines, and the list just goes on and on.  Also worth noting: individuals who eat mostly processed foods have a varied gut composition compared to those who eat mostly whole foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, it’s been found that genetic makeup and our time in-utero can also have an impact on gut health. However, though we inherit the main essential building-blocks (that is DNA) from our parents, the complete story of our microbiome is even more complicated and influenced.

From birth (and some studies even show before birth!), gut microbes are responsible for essential duties related to digestion, nutrient metabolism, developing then activating the immune system, as well as the production of neurotransmitters impacting behavior and cognitive functions. To further the story, let me share these published findings…

Gut microorganisms serve as a barrier against pathogenic organisms. Second, they play an important role in: digestion and metabolism of colostrum, breast milk, formula, and weaning foods in infants, and a wide variety of food in adults; the breakdown of toxins and drugs; vitamin synthesis; and ion absorption. Trophic functions include the growth and differentiation of the epithelial cells lining the intestine, and the maintenance of the immune system including tolerance to food antigens (Guarner & Malagelada, 2003). With complete colonization of the gut, which occurs within approximately three years of life (Koenig et al., 2011; Weng & Walker, 2013), immune homeostasis is achieved.

So up until about three years old, the human body’s immune system is not fully developed due partly to the microorganisms in the gut not being completely colonized until that age. Thereon after, everything that we are surrounded by, consuming, being exposed to – takes control over directing those microorganisms and the body’s level of gut balance correlating to (also) the strength of the immune system. (balanced gut = overall wellness)

*NOTE: for a phemonimal book about the brain-gut link – click here

I’m sure that you now may be thinking, okay so what can we do to improve our current situation (whatever that may be). Well, like I said, I cannot give you medical advice, but what I can offer is my experience thus far from my own journey in seeking a balanced, healthy gut. It’s been tough as it’s been long; and with an endless amount of research, scholarly papers, and differing claims out there in regards to products and probiotic supplements, I once thought that I’d never find *the right one* for my body.

I was in a trial-and-error stage of searching for the right probiotics for quite some time. I purchased many myself, as well as have been gifted various brands too. But sadly, after years, I still was never fully confident in recommending or completely sharing any of those tried with my readers (& I’ve been asked many times for my recommendation).

But with a perhaps change in luck within the past couple of months, combined with continued perseverance, I NOW HAVE PROBIOTICS THAT I AM CONFIDENT IN AND THAT HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH! It makes me beyond joyful to finally be able to offer this review too, now that I can feel fully confident in doing so.

So let’s get on with it shall we?!


Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., an NIH-funded researcher since 1993, and gut expert. He is  the leading fungal scientist in the world, with 400+ scientific papers on his research and has been cited over 1,800 times. Ghannoum is the same scientist who named the “microbiome” – and yes, HE is ALSO the one who founded this company (BIOHM) that I am sharing with you!!! Impressive, huh? Well that’s just the beginning…now let’s talk about the products:

Your gut contains both bacteria and fungi. However, ordinary probiotics only address bacteria, ignoring fungi’s role in digestive balance. By combining good bacteria + good fungi + digestive enzymes, BIOHM helps maintain the balance of bacteria AND fungi in your gut, all while breaking down digestive plaque.

What is Digestive Plaque?

DID YOU KNOW/ Just like plaque building up on your teeth, plaque can also build up in your gut! It’s called digestive plaque. And within this plaque hides bad bacteria and fungi, making it difficult for ordinary probiotics to reach, control, or eradicate them.  This makes maintaining general digestive balance a difficult feat to overcome.

Okay, but wait just a second. Before I go any further in to the probiotic ability to balance the gut, let me just share a quick list of ADDITIONAL BENEFITS that such quality and effective probiotics can offer. I won’t go in too much detail below, but I can offer links to more books that discuss these other areas and also prepare to publish additional gut-related posts incorporating the other benefits, in the near future for you guys!

Other Benefits/

  • Less Stomach Bloating.
  • Clearer Skin.
  • Decreased Brain Fog.
  • Decreased Food Sensitivities.
  • Prevent/Treat Diarrhea.
  • Prevent yeast infections and overgrowth issues stemming from antibiotic use.
  • Better absorption of vitamins and minerals which leads to other great benefits like overall well-being, but also brain health and protection of the brain from ailments such as dementia/Alzheimers, etc.
  • Improve the mucosal immune system, which can decrease inflammation, which in return can also alleviate pain-related issues that inflammation can cause, like arthritis.
  • Because serotonin is made in the gut, if your gut is not functioning properly, then chances are your serotonin-production is also affected. This can lead to low serotonin which is a cause for things like depression and mood disorders. THEREFORE, probiotics have the ability to also fight against mental health ailments as well!
  • Bad bacteria thrives on sugar, and in return the body is tricked in to craving sugar. Therefore, balanced bacteria = balanced cravings, and less ailments related to high sugar intake.
  • Improved metabolism/weight control because the good bacteria is able to convert/create an ideal amount of short-chain fatty acids, which are responsible for burning fat.
  • + more.

Alright, now that I feel like I got that off my shoulders, let’s get back to the products that I am LOVING! I have many BIOHM products, but for the sake of this post not becoming the length of a short novel, I am going to share my two absolute favorites at the moment, and in the future I will publish a follow-up review and further awesome products.


One capsule per day, with or without food. I prefer to take it with food especially when first starting a new probiotic, as it lessens any side affects that can occur while your body becomes acquainted with the good bacteria, good fungi, and enzymes. However, I have to let you know that with other brands, no matter if I would take them with food or not, I could NEVER get passed being nauseous or feeling sick from them. So these BIOHM HEALTH probiotics have been THE ONLY to surpass this feat with me – hooray!!

Additional perks of these probiotics are that they do not contain synthetic fillers, and are allergen-free too. Here is the real homerun though… no refrigeration is required and still, the probiotics MAINTAIN THE ABILITY TO SURVIVE STOMACH ACID and do the essential job of addressing total gut balance! WOO-HOO!!!


Okay, my honest experience with the colon cleanser: the very first time that I took one of these capsules, was at nighttime. My husband had taken one too and lets just say that we were up past 1 a.m. binge-watching a Netflix series. Alright, you may think that’s totally normal, but hey – we are parents with two young kids, so there is really no staying up that late unless you want to be literal zombie parents the next day! HA! So, what I’m saying is, we didn’t realize that a component of the colon cleanser is licorice root. Licorice root (containing glycyrrhetinic acid) blocks the body’s breakdown of cortisol (this IS a good thing, because it can enable a restoration of normal levels of the hormone for those who need it).

However, its not uncommon for many people to have the highest levels of cortisol at nighttime. So, taking a supplement with something like licorice root, that blocks the breakdown of cortisol, can in return leave you feeling more “energetic”. This CAN be beneficial, but just not right before you need to go to sleep – lol. This can affect the ability to fall asleep, or create that feeling of a “second wind” in the evening.

PLUS! I am someone who deals with adrenal fatigue (common in those who have autoimmune conditions), and my personal diagnostic tests have shown that I still struggle with high levels of cortisol in my body at most times unfortunately. THEREFORE,  I strongly suggest that this COLON CLEANSER be taken with breakfast and/or lunch, but not in the evening.

Okay, now let’s move on to discuss other utilizations of this product…

SO, first of all, it is a proprietary formula that combines a digestive herbal blend and probiotics. It’s meant to be utilized as a “7-Day Cleanse” and one package comes with 14 capsules (2 pills/day). Therefore, it’s not something that you would take everyday.

*there’s actually dangers in taking a cleanser everyday, because of “laxative dependence” which can permanently damage your digestive tract and make you dependent on laxatives for bowel movements

However, if you are someone who is dealing with bloating that maybe other remedies are not treating properly, or if you have consumed an unhealthy diet for a long period of time and need an aid in flushing out all of the garbage/toxins/digestive waste rotting in your gut – then this product may be a great tool for you! I don’t use primarily digestive cleansing supplements all too often, but this is by far the most efficient that I have tried, and also offered no negative side effects! (just don’t take before bed like I said, lol)

I would describe the experience like cleansing your insides with a digestive tract vacuum cleaner! :O

Oh, also like the probiotic supplement, the colon cleanser does not need to be refrigerated, has no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, and is allergen-free too!


Because of my all-positive results with BIOHM HEALTH, I applied to be an affiliate member of their team, and so… you are looking at (well not physically, but figuratively) the newest BIOHM HEALTH AFFILIATE!!! This means that I feel so confident in my experience and these products, that I am basically a spokesperson with the ability to offer you guys a unique discount code! :) This also means that I will be afforded the ability to access more tools which can further my knowledge in regards to all things digestive health, and in return – share with you!


And to be transparent with you, yes, I make a small commission off of sales, but that just correlates to me being able to continue to share (and share even more in the future) experiences, products, and information like this article provided, with you all!! So thank you for reading, and thank you for your continued support – always!


As promised, here are links to a few of my favorite books that go in to further correlations of gut health and overall wellness:





Cheers to The Pursuit of Happy, Balanced Guts!


x. Heather


BIOHM Health Gut Guide
The Infant Microbiome: Implications for Infant Health and 
Neuro-cognitive Development.
Irene Yang, PhD, RN, Postdoctoral Fellow, Elizabeth J. Corwin, PhD, 
RN, FAAN, Associate Dean and Professor, Patricia A. Brennan, PhD, 
Professor, Sheila Jordan, RN, MPH, Graduate Student, Jordan R. Murphy, BS, Nursing Student, and Anne Dunlop, MD, MPH, Associate Professor



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  1. Thanks for a super post.
    Healing the Gut is key to fixing many issues.
    It is said that nearly every disease originates in your digestive system. I mean both physical and mental disease. Once you heal and fix your gut lining, and make your digestive system work properly again, disease symptoms may be eradicated.
    Fermented foods, good probiotic supplements and even organic apple cider vinegar, like this one :



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