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The Best Place for Smoothies, Tea, & Boba on O’ahu: BOBA CAFE!

Boba Tea, Bubble Tea, Pearl Tea, Milk Tea, Tapioca Tea – there’s a long list of name variations, but most popularly used is just – BOBA.

Now for those of you who have no idea what boba is… let me give you the low down:

“Boba” originated in Taiwan but has gained popularity in the United States (and pretty much all around the world now too). But what exactly is boba?  Those chewy black balls that you see at the bottom of drinks are made from tapioca; which is a gluten-free starch derived from the root of cassava plants. The texture is smooth and the consistency is like a ball of firm jelly or gummy candy.


But if I had to put it simply, they are like little stress balls that you can eat! LOL. At least that is the effect that a nice cold tea with boba offers me. :)


So, if you find yourself on the west side of O’ahu, or if you’re just dedicated to REALLY good boba (like I am) and willing to drive to it… YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO VISIT Boba Cafe — I kid you not, the best that I have ever had. I’m beyond obsessed and you can rest assured with this recommendation because I have pretty much tried every boba shop on this island.


The Boba Cafe Ohana have become a special part of my family and I’s life over the past year and I am so beyond happy to share the magic that they create, with all of my readers now too! Though out of respect for the privacy of the owners of this beloved cafe, I won’t share any personal details, but I will tell you this: rest assured, in supporting this small business, you are choosing wisely. Not only is their boba simply the best (I’m talking texture, flavor, everything 100%!) but also, you are supporting extremely hardworking, committed, and genuinely good people!



How Niko feels about BOBA CAFE^


The growing boba culture is slightly comparable to the coffee culture. Boba drink variations are endless. There is, how I drink it, the tea-based boba.  Then there is the milk option, the powder and other flavorings, and then there are toppings — which can be as standard as the tapioca pearls or something even sweeter, like lychee jelly.

Boba Cafe goes even further than that though, with their extensive list of fresh fruit options, speciality smoothies, and even their “Secret Menu” that you can only find via their Instagram page!


If it’s tea that you’re craving – they’ve got you covered. If it’s coffee, also covered. Fruit smoothie, covered. A super customizable drink of your dreams, covered. Milkshake-style, covered. Slushy, covered. The best part of it all though, is their consistency. I’ve never once received a drink that wasn’t to my liking. I have recently started to venture out past my “regular” drink option, but even in priorly ordering the same drink for nearly a year – EVERY SINGLE TIME it was a 10/10. There is simply no other tea house, cafe, coffee shop, or boba place that matches what Boba Cafe serves up.



  • Passionfruit Green Tea, Unsweetened. w/ Extra Boba.



on special occasions

  • Bella’s Special (Strawberry Birthday Cake Smoothie with Ice Cream + the works)
  • Niko’s Special (Fresh Pineapple, Honeydew Smoothie w/Li Hing Mui)





This is in no way sponsored, all opinions shared are mine. It’s a legitimate obsession of mine, so obviously I have to share – Enjoy!


x. Heather




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