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28 Random Facts About Me on My 28th Birthday

If you didn’t read my last year’s article “27 Life Lessons Before My 27th Birthday” – the theme behind these birthday posts stem from basically asking myself before each birthday (since becoming a parent) this question: “If I were sitting down with my kids as adults or teenagers, what would I have to share with them about *this* specific age?”

So, now turning 28 years old, a career-related revelation that most prominently sticks out to me is this:

I am not threatened by other women or other women’s success.  I have been in the blogging world for a couple of years now and have found a way to be inspired by other’s success without allowing myself to feel LESS THAN. This is possible because I possess the understanding that there is only one *ME* and only I can offer what I uniquely do. So, when I feel admiration (towards a blogger or even non-blogger), my genuine desire resides in what their gift can teach me within my own journey of becoming the best version of myself. I mean, everyone is a teacher to someone in some way; but once you allow yourself the title of “life-long student” (or I guess – “student of life”), your personal growth possibilities open up in endless ways!

Alright, enough preaching, now on to the 28 Random Facts About Me on My 28th Birthday:

  1. I have moved 20 different times in my 28 years of life.
  2. I am afraid of outer space. That may sound ignorant, but it just freaks me out and I hate thinking about it. (Still to this day I refuse to watch that space movie, you know the one with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney…)
  3. My right eye is smaller than my left eye.
  4. Also, my right foot is smaller than my left foot.
  5. If I could have any one superpower, it would definitely have to be the ability to speak any and all languages fluently!
  6. I had a 5.0/4.0 GPA in high school (yes, that is possible, because I took AP classes which are college-level). Then in college, I was inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society in graduating with a 3.94/4.0 GPA.
  7. I am NOT a picky eater at all; there is really no food that I don’t like…
  8. Growing up, as a kid, I was pretty much a “tomboy”, and most of my friends were boys. I loved climbing trees, baiting live worms on my fishing pole, but hated wearing dresses. I also got in to a lot of trouble, like getting hit by a car while racing my bike down a steep hill when I was 5 years old.
  9. Our childhood babysitter had sons, them and my brother would all gang up and throw snowballs (with rocks and jelly inside of them) at me – so I learned to fend for myself at a young age, lol.
  10. Those same boys also pushed me in to the 10-feet-deep end of the swimming pool when I was 4 years old and still learning to swim. But, I basically just started swimming and that’s how that happened…
  11. On the day that my husband and I were waiting to get legally married (yes, we first got married at a courthouse and later had a wedding) we talked about our future kids and chose the names “Bella” and “Niko” in that conversation… and now here we are today with our precious Bella and Niko! :)
  12. I am obsessed with Colombian food. I could eat 4-5 arepas in one sitting, and I won’t even tell you how many buñuelos. My mother-in-law makes THE BEST!
  13. My astrology sign is a Cancer, and although I don’t know too much about the topic, everything that I have read and have been told about my sign is always SO ACCURATE!
  14. My husband’s personality is “INTJ” – basically the polar opposite of mine, LOL! I am an extrovert and my husband is an introvert – we pretty much BALANCE each other out though… for the most part ;)
  15. My most important “love language” is Words of Affirmation. Yup, I am a TOTAL words person.
  16. It may not be apparent, but I have never been one to shy away from confrontation. Though I fully disclose that I have learned over the years that there are times where confrontation should be avoided solely to avoid physical altercations or for other safety reasons… buuuut with that being said, in my younger years, this extroverted way of being, did earn me a bar fight with a girl in college (not proud of that). But now as a mom, my confrontations are things like this: When stopped at a crosswalk in Waikiki (a very crowded city where most people walk) and there is no room to move, but a stranger is smoking a cigarette in front of the group of tons of people and blowing their cancer smoke in our faces (including my kids) then yes, I choose confrontation. Or this: When I witnessed a group of 7 teenagers at the beach smashing GLASS beer bottles on a tree in the sand, yes, all 5-feet of me marched over there to give them a piece of mind and to order them to clean up the shards!
  17. I have never worn my shoes inside my house. Growing up we were not allowed to and that custom followed me in to living on my own, college even, and now my own home.
  18. A HUGE pet peeve of mine is LITTER!!!! I think one of the most disgusting things that a person can do, is throw trash on the ground or litter anywhere for that matter.
  19. On the topic of pet peeves, another disgusting thing in my opinion, is CIGARETTE SMOKING, yuck. I cannot stand the smell!
  20. At this point in my life, it is next to impossible to answer the question of “What is your favorite food?”….because food is life. However, if I was held at gunpoint and told to chose ONE favorite meal/food, it would be LOBSTER (w/ garlic, lemon, butter – – to be exact, haha).
  21. I didn’t eat sushi until I was in college, but now it’s pretty much a staple in my diet.
  22. I started my blog as a hobby and only recently started taking it more serious business-wise.
  23. My favorite delicacy are quail eggs. SO GOOD.
  24. I’m a night person, NOT a morning person. Though now being a parent, I don’t really get a choice, LOL.
  25. I’m obsessed with Japanese hand-painted ceramic and have a small collection of assorted-sized bowls. I think that they are timeless and so beyond beautiful.
  26. My hair is naturally VERY curly, like Shakira curly.
  27. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be without a doubt, 1-million percent, ANTHONY BOURDAIN. </3
  28. I always knew that I wanted to be a wife and a mother. :)



Cheers to another trip around the sun!

x. Heather





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