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Getting Ready for 2019 – The Year of GOOD ENERGY!

2018 has been the year of ALL AROUND BAD ENERGY.

And it is actually quite surprising to be saying that myself, seeing that I am comparing it to all other years – even the ones that consisted of miscarriage, loss, trauma, major heartbreak, and very scary life-threatening health incidents.

But still, without a doubt, 2018 has been the deadliest. As it’s coming to a close though, I have realized a few things. The reason why this year has been the worst, is because it has consisted of the largest amount of the silent but deadly killer. The subconscious stress that the burden of bad energy and wasted worries – is far worse than any “hard” life event including my miscarriage and other things that definitely were not easy to endure in the past either.

The reason being because of the silent toll that stress takes on the body, health, and mind. 

Though there is no doubt that stressful events are not easy on the those three pillars (body, overall health/wellness, and mind) at any time in life, but there is something extremely dangerous about the constant allowing of toxic energies to deplete our own daily energy allotments.

There is scientific proof (that appears in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology), that provides biological evidence validating the idea that there are positive and negative people in the world. However, even if you are a generally more positive person, being around those who tend to be more negative, can actually destroy you.

And that is because the bad energy created by or rubbed off on us by those all-around negative individuals (and situations in general), takes a toll on the body in the form of conditions like high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, stomachaches, migraines, poor circulation and more. Research has also shown that even just five-minutes of the anger (stress, etc.) you feel from certain situations, environments, or people, is damaging enough to impair your immune system for up to and possibly more than six hours!  Now if we regularly allow these effects of habitual bad energy to penetrate us, that can lead us down the path to more serious problems, like heart attacks, strokes, + more.

Now though science has confirmed that there are brain markers that can distinguish a negative thinker vs. a positive thinker, something that I have learned through personal psychological therapies (highly recommend for everyone regardless of your demeanor), is that nothing is set in stone when it comes to our mental health. I actually am SO committed to highering and protecting my energy now, that I am currently enrolled in BioFeedback Therapy at a Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, SPECIFICALLY to learn ways to re-wire (any and hopefully all) conditioned (throughout life via environment, peers, etc.) habitual thinking that negatively effects my body systems and overall health and wellness.

This Neuroscience approach is opposite of the allopathic approach that merely attempts to deal with symptoms (like anxiety, etc.) with medications, but aren’t actually treating the root causes. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, + —are results of physiological changes in the brain!

Surely yes, medication and supplementation of certain chemicals can reduce symptoms, but take those additives away and the processes that create the symptoms still haven’t been cured.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not implementing that all cases of taking medication are bad – definitely not; there are instances where the benefits for SURE outweigh the possible side effects (everyone’s healthcare plan will differ).

For me personally though, this is my journey and plan of action:

1.) Biofeedback therapy in which my brain processing speed, cardiac measures and neuropsychological processes are recorded, studied and then used in implementing neurofeedback by targeting parts of my brain that may not be functioning “properly” or in ways that are NOT creating positive body system effects (like steady blood pressure, cortisol responses, etc.) and instead are creating negative effects (like anxiety and high blood pressure) – essentially I’m training my neurons back to health.

2.) Exactly what I am explaining here in this article: the conscious daily choice of protecting my energy.

As 2018 has been nearing an end though, there have been seemingly daily issues that have been popping up. At one point I was thinking “What is next and when will this stop happening?!?” But what I have come to realize recently is this: These occurrences are popping up here at the end of the year, even more frequently than the obsessive amounts throughout the other parts of 2018; and that is because the storm that has been whipping me around, is finally passing and the tail end is showing that although rough waters were endured, the storm came to clear a path rather than to sink me!

I honestly keep telling myself this, DAILY. 

And since the mindset started to sink in, I have been blessed with a few things. One being a recent health diagnosis. Though that may seem perplexing to some, the reality is that for someone who deals with chronic issues and symptoms and is fighting for answers, a supplemental diagnosis is actually a blessing. It puts a name to things, but more importantly, it allows healthcare providers who would otherwise shrug off reoccuring symptoms, to actually have some sort of baseline in understanding the patient. Besides all of that, it allows me to hone in on specific research and seeking more specific knowledge to further my health journey and evolve my healing process.

Also. The second blessing was the news that we were granted authority to move (final military move before retirement) and the plan that we wanted to execute, can now be implemented – which allows the best for our family and also enhances the journey of ridding all the BAD ENERGY! *happy dance*

I guess, all in all, my conclusion is that even after the most torrential and damaging rains there comes rainbows – and with extensive hardships comes extensive blessings.

I have never taken the energy in my life SO SERIOUS. But I am the busiest I have ever been in my life now. And within my duties, I don’t have much extra time for nonsense nor do I have expendable energy for things, people, or situations that are not necessary, do not add to my growth as a human, or wastefully deplete my energy in any way. Before now, I really didn’t take a strong initiative to protect my energy. But after a year like 2018 – IT IS IMPERATIVE.

So in moving forward, before I react or allow myself to become emotional (which leads to negative physiological effects) about a situation (like someone wronging me or just overall bad vibes), I think to myself, “Is this worth the blood pressure elevation and the snowball effect of that stress?!?!” And the answer most always is, “NO. MY HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT.” And my health really IS more important; not only for myself and every day living, but for my family. Because they are my everything and they come first. When I allow someone (even a stranger or just not good vibes) to lower my energy, guess who suffers in return? Not just myself, but my family as well.

So what else does this mean for the new year?

It means that 2019 is about living as an aligned person.

  • It means disconnecting from anyone and anything that does not align with my energy.
  • It means not feeling bad to say “No.” Whether that is declining a work assignment that doesn’t align with career growth, or even saying “No” to social outings that would cost too much energy. Whatever it is, there is no room nor need for guilt within the ALIGNMENT of making decisions that connect the dots of the plan for a successful journey of an all around positive energy-filled life (and WAY better years to come!)
  • It means only following social media accounts or pages that edify me and that my energy DOES NOT suffer from being inundated with whatever content the influencer shares. It means unfollowing any repeat-offenders of killers of good energy. Time is truly precious, I’ve come to really embrace that, so social media needs to only be used as a tool for my personal growth – so positive influence is all that’s permitted. 
  • It means fully understanding that self-care is NOT selfish, but rather a necessity in order to not deteriorate as a human being with lots of responsibilities (including a family and a healing journey).

Now these objectives might sound as easy to do as they are to simply list here. But, in reality, especially for someone who is prone to anxiety (and working on re-wiring anxious thoughts), it most likely won’t always be easy. But honestly, I wholeheartedly believe that it is worth the commitment.

Overall, I hope that in my openness to share this, that it can perhaps inspire someone else to examine the way in which they take care of their energy, and in return create positive strides towards a healthy alignment in 2019.

Talk more soon.

x. Heather

P.S. I will share more about my new diagnosis and our upcoming move soon! Stay-tuned.


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