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Unplugged Weekends in Hawaii: VOLUME 2 -North Shore Beach Days

“Unplugged Weekends” was an idea that Santiago & I implemented last year. It came about because of the part of being a blogger that includes sharing your everyday life… well, it can sometimes get overwhelming or just simply distracting from being present during quality family time.

So, our unplugged weekends are still somewhat shared, but there’s no pressure to be posting in real-time, (like on Instagram stories, etc). However, for the sake of documenting our life journey – we still photograph our trips, outings, +¬†adventures for keepsake purposes and to share later on. I’ve also started to shoot some short video clips to slowly start dabbling in the realm of video blogging (bare with me, lots to learn + at this point they are basically just what I would have posted on Instagram Stories, but instead stored on my phone to later upload to our Youtube channel). I hope that you enjoy these snippets from our ohana album!









x. Heather



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