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BALANCED  –  Being present, yet productive.   ━   My own code to a vibrant life.

LIFE  –  The state of being alive.   ━   My active side of existence.

ALOHA  –  Hello (add), Good-bye (get rid of), Love (constant).   ━   My daily offering of love to the universe + the personal goal of creating an unconditional state of bliss with life, yet being mindful of the need to adapt.


A beautiful, ever-growing mission to inspire and grow by spreading personal experiences and awareness.


Hey Guys,

I knew this day would come, the day that I fully engage my purpose.  Yet, I was never quite sure what physical form it would come alive in.  See, I have been many occasions within different seasons of life: a teenager leaving home (on her own) at 17, a broke college student, an infatuated girlfriend, a reliable friend, a loving sister, a minimum-wage employee, a party-girl, a single woman with a career, a world-traveler, a missionary, a doting daughter… & now, a devoted wife and mother.  However, it wasn’t until the weight of all of these experiences intermixed with newfound responsibilities and passions,  that I realized this calling.

Did that sound like an easy realization?  I assure you, that’s not the story…

You see, it wasn’t until my body literally turned on itself, that I grasped the utter importance of my unique purpose and this new way of exploring it.  That realization, followed by action, is when “BALANCED LIFE ALOHA” was born. 


I grew up with modest values, yet with a vibrant mind, and a secret nomadic passport to the world. The same day that I graduated high school (at 17 y/o) I also boarded a plane destined for Hawaii.  As a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist, then as a teenager, a “U.N. Goodwill Ambassador”, and as a college student – I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. After my first college degree (and many eventful years in paradise filled with studies, surfing, and bold times), I made my first career as a Civil Litigation Paralegal.

A few years later, I fell in love and never looked back! (Highly recommended).

Soon after becoming a mother, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease/Thyroiditis (along with hypothyroidism and some other related annoyances).  I shortly came to the realization that the healthcare in which I primarily relied on, only treated symptoms (using medications) and not the body as a whole.  That is when I set out on my healing journey, as well as went back to college and earned my second degree, yet this time in Health & Wellness.  I also started incorporating an Integrative/Functional Medicine outlook to my health and embraced a more focused diet consisting of real/whole foods.

That led me to (thankfully) stumbling upon The Autoimmune Protocol, which is a powerful elimination diet that is used to treat many autoimmune conditions and diseases. The main goal of this protocol is to eliminate all sources of food-based allergens that may compromise your immune system. This protocol was created and based on the research by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD (a.k.a. “The Paleo Mom“).

I then added more natural healing routines (like homemade bone broth) and have since found even further supportive treatment approaches to absorb, like “The Wahl’s Protocol” and its’ focus on heavy-metal detoxing.  My antibody levels have since declined by more than half of what they were at my disease’s worst, and I am feeling great!


I am passionate about my healing journey and the overall topic of health and wellness, but I also enjoy expressions of pure energy and creativity (in the forms of art, design, music, personal fashion & style, spirituality, and travel).  I have an eclectic spirit and a pure heart for goodness.

Along this journey I have realized that our diets are the foundations of our life; that life and nature itself, is beautiful, but one cannot enjoy it if our insides are full of unnatural scraps.

But although I am an advocate of things au’ naturale, I am not perfect.  Actually, I am beautifully created to be imperfect!  I try to align with nature’s rules and aspire to possess a nourished and clean human body.  However, I am accepting of all that comes my way.  I believe trials turn in to triumphs, while stretching us to reach an even higher understanding of who we really are, and that “hiccups” and faults are necessary to maintain focus and dedication to one’s purpose.

That being said, within your Balanced Life Aloha readings and views you will see that I balance my desire for a clean lifestyle, yet still allow myself to indulge (with caution of course).

So yes, part of this website is an Editor’s Blog, but more so and more profoundly, it is a journey towards creating an insightful template for exploring/finding identity, and a way to live within a healthy balance of all aspects.

So, WELCOME! (E Komo Mai)

I hope you find inspiration and curiosity to further explore your own unique calling, and a personal connection to “Balanced Life Aloha”.

I’ll always love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, comments, or creative ideas, head over to my Contact Page, & feel free to send me a message!

Cheers to deep relationships, meaningful adventures, pure happiness, and newfound gratitude!

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