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BALANCED:    Being present, yet productive.   ━   My goal in life.

LIFE:    The state of being alive.   ━   My active side of existence.

ALOHA:    Hello (add), Good-bye (get rid of), + Love (constant).   ━   My daily offering to my community + the personal goal of creating an honest life, yet being mindful of the need to evolve.


An ever-growing mission to inspire and grow by sharing personal experiences and spreading awareness.





Welcome to my online space! Balanced Life Aloha was first born in May 2015, as a creative outlet tool while I was back in college earning my second degree (a Bachelors in Health and Wellness), while also simultaneously navigating life as a military wife and first time mother.


During that time, I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease/Thyroiditis (along with hypothyroidism and some other related annoyances).  I shortly came to the realization that the healthcare in which I primarily relied on, only treated symptoms (using medications) and not the body as a whole. That is what sparked my healing journey, as well as confirmed my decision on leaving the legal field (my first career) behind me, and heading back to college to explore the scholarly world of Health & Wellness.  I also started incorporating an Integrative/Functional Medicine outlook to my health and embraced a diet more focused on real, whole, nutritious foods. This was all driven by the absolute necessity to regain my wellness/energy. And seeing that I had been an avid journaler my entire life, I figured: Why not document this new journey and share it with the world too?!

The journey led me to (thankfully) stumbling upon The Autoimmune Protocol, which is a powerful elimination diet/tool that is used to treat many autoimmune conditions and diseases. The main goal of the protocol is to eliminate all sources of food-based allergens that may compromise your immune system.

I then added more natural healing routines (like homemade bone broth) and have since found even further supportive treatment approaches, like The Wahl’s Protocol, as well as heavy-metal detoxing + more.  My antibody levels have been on the decline ever since!


Now although my health and healing journey is what first sparked the creation of this blog – and I am still very passionate about the overall topic of Health and Wellness, there are however, a lot of other creative facets to my being.


I grew up (in the Midwest) with conservative values, yet with a vibrant mind, and constant desire for independence. The same day that I graduated high school (at 17 y/o) I also boarded a plane destined for Hawaii.  As a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist, then as a teenager, a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, and as a first time college student – I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. After finishing my Pre-Law degree (and many eventful years in paradise filled with studies, surfing, and bold times) I made a career as a Civil Litigation Paralegal. A few years later, I fell in love and never looked back!

So, if you didn’t catch all that, I’ll summarize things…

I have been many occasions within my seasons of life: a teenager leaving home on her own, a broke college student, an infatuated girlfriend, a reliable friend, an always-down-to-hang roomie, a loving sister, a minimum-wage employee, a single woman with a career, a world-traveler, a missionary, a doting daughter… & now, most soulfully, a devoted wife and mother.

However, it wasn’t until the weight of all of these experiences intermixed with newfound responsibilities and passions, that I realized this creative calling. & THAT realization, followed by action, is why “BALANCED LIFE ALOHA” exists. 

I have a very eclectic spirit and a wholesome heart for goodness…

So I also enjoy expressions of pure energy (in the forms of art, design, music, personal style, spirituality, and travel).  But although I have realized that the ability to fully experience the joy of these expressions is directly dependent on the status of our diets and lifestyles — I don’t live perfectly!

Actually, I was beautifully created to be imperfect!  I do try to align with nature’s rules and aspire to possess a well-nourished human body. But with that being said, within your Balanced Life Aloha readings and views, you will see that I balance my desire for a clean lifestyle, while still allowing myself to indulge on occasion, adapt, and have fun.

Therefore, yes, part of this website is an Editor’s Blog (a life-long project for me to document my family and I’s journey), but more so and more profoundly, it is a journey towards creating an insightful template for exploring identity, within a healthy balance of all aspects.


I hope you find inspiration and a personal connection to “Balanced Life Aloha”. This mission of mine does not have a final destination, but rather is an unlimited journey of health, liberty, and passion. There are endless possibilities here.

This is made possible by sharing images (personal and external), real-life experiences (life stories, big moments, small victories, everything in between), community connections, favorite products, writings, knowledge (both newfound & old)… & most importantly: REAL, AUTHENTIC CONTENT, always.

The passion for fun, desire for wisdom and the love of adventure, will be shared through travel and alternative ways of life.

OH, and FOOD. My love affair with GOOD FOOD. Recipes, brands, grocers, shops, restaurants; while sticking mostly to 80% unprocessed real foods and 20% “live-it-up” plates and celebrations!

All in all, the enthusiasm for living a well and fulfilling life will be present – within balance!

If you have any questions, or for business inquires – head over to my Contact Page.


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