Author: Heather

Just Be Happy.

Where focus goes, energy flows. It doesn’t always require a loss in order to realize how short our human-ly life is. So why not “JUST BE HAPPY?”


For the Love of ALOHA – 2017 Blog Update!

When you live on an island for over a decade, there may come a time where a change-of-pace elsewhere can seem like a welcoming thought.  That is at least what initially occurred to my husband and I when we most recently were departing the aloha state. …but let me tell you, not even 24 hours after touching down in that “elsewhere” place, and our heartstrings already felt the tug. The tug of being homesick. See, to us, home has never been the places in which we were raised as children. Rather, home was where we morphed out of teenage life and molded in to adults.  It is where we both individually ventured to on our own and then made lives for ourselves.  Also, it is where we eventually met each other, fell in love, and gave birth to our first child. Home, is Hawaii. For a while though, we fought that tugging feeling, as we just didn’t see permanently moving back to the islands being aligned in our stars.  Career-related events led us to leaving, and then child-planning kept our minds looking elsewhere. We then tried …