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Worldwide Textiles (FEATURE)

#OOTD : Worldwide Statement Pieces, + where to find!


African Artisan Adornments that Give Back

  At a point in my late teen years, I was one signature away from joining the Peace Corps. But before that spec of time, there was my younger teen years, a period in which I was heavily engrossed in International Affairs. Most of my interest was embedded with Africa. I dreamt of being a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and traveling to Northern Africa. My family thought I was crazy because where I wanted to specifically make an impact (Sudan), was at the time, in a state of crisis – with a western region (Darfur) being described as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. After sharing all of that, I must note that my personal backlog is not what is important here. What’s important is that with the ever-growing, widespread participation of developing countries in World Trade, and the partnering interests of Americans with such communities, I see a glimpse of hope. A hope that through social enterprises (like the one being featured in this article), there can be an “increase of economic opportunity” to empower …