Mission Statement

This blog is an extension of the Balanced Life Aloha Mission, one aimed towards truly understanding oneself by creating a healthy and “Balanced Life”, one full of exploration and evolution.

Balanced Life Aloha’s goals include daily inspiration. Now this Mission does not have a final destination, but rather is an endless journey of health, peace, and passion. There are endless possibilities here, and a beautiful common ground is always promised to readers. This is made possible by sharing images (personal and external), real-life experiences, community connections, writings, & knowledge (both newfound & old).

The passion for fun will be brought to life through jewelry, personal style, and other adornments.  The desire for wisdom and the love of adventure, will be shared through travel and alternative ways of life.  “Heather BalancedLifeAloha” YouTube videos and vlogs will also be intermixed to connect readers even further.  All in all, the enthusiasm for a rich, fulfilling, and healthy life will be present – within balance!

The goal is for you (readers/viewers) to be able to find a balance within your own journey, to be able to maintain a grip on all elements, to not feel your heart or minds being pulled too much in any one direction.  Balanced Life Aloha is to help you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and inspired.


Within the Balanced Life Aloha community, the stories of those we align with and whom we want to know more about, are shared.  Featured articles are a celebration and community-creation of those who resemble the Balanced Life Aloha Mission, with their own unique and inspiring versions!


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